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Secure Spreader Bar Locking System  

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Adjustable Gun Sails introduces the patented Secure Locking Claw for securing the harness hook.
Compatible with all harness manufactures that use 40mm webbing.

The innovative harness safety locking system from Gun Sails is manufactured to exacting standards in Marine quality High Grade 420 Stainless Steel. The claw itself has been made to withstand enormous stresses and has been exhaustively tested in the most demanding conditions. The Secure Locking Claw (SLC) is fabricate to hold the spreader bar securely without any unwanted releasing. The buckle lock can be opened easily by pulling the release strap.

Our Patented Secure Locking Claw has been designed to be compatible with all harness brands that use 40mm webbing such as Neil Pryde, Maui Magic, Prolimit, etc.

Patented Secure Locking
Claw standard on all
Gun Sails Harness
The claw is securely
locked onto the
spreader bar
The claw can only be
realised by pulling on
the realise webbing
The claw is opened by
pulling on the release


Standard blind ended spreader bar,
compatible with the patented Secure Locking Claw.


Standard (plastic) Quick release lever
This is the standard (plastic) original quick release


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